Sunday, January 30, 2011

ACADEMICALLY ADRIFT: American Anonymous 12-Step Plan for Educational Change


Step 1: Government cuts funding.  Teachers fired.  Class sizes grow.

Step 2: Study conducted.  Points out students aren't learning as much as they used to.

Step 3: Students who aren't learning kicked out.

Step 4: More teachers fired.  More schools closed.  More and more uneducated citizens.

Step 5: “Happy” Workers for Menial Jobs. 

Step 6: No menial jobs left.  Foreigners doing them for less money.

Step 7: Student goes home and eats couch.

Step 8: Bashes foreigners.

Step 9: Scrawls KKK on side of dumpster.

Step 10: Joins Tea Party.

Step 11: Escapes to woods with shotgun and brisket.

Step 12: Becomes blogger with misspellings, fantasies about grammar control, and radicalized rhetoric.


  1. But what do the teachers that get fired do? Something along the lines of this guy:

  2. Clearly, some professors -- e.g., the 'urinator' Petrov -- are having fun "on the way down". Perhaps we should consider a 12-Step Program for professors who have not been spared in this climate of administrative hypocrisy. One thing's for sure -- the presidents and other senior staff members at colleges and universities aren't suffering.